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Our Featured Blends


Nothing compliments
your journey like a little
bit of Faith!


That’s why we’ve got the perfect combination of different coffee roasts for whatever journey you take with this limited-time bundle.

Better Together Bundle Includes:

  • Blessed Life Signature Blend 

  • Kim's Secret Weapon Signature Blend

Blessed Life is perfectly paired with whatever pastry you desire in the morning. Its warm aroma opens up your senses and taste buds to take on whatever comes your way.


If you need a little extra to push through the day, Kim’s Secret Weapon is there to support you with its bold flavor. Different from espresso, which gives you a short kick- Kim’s Secret Weapon perks you up without the kick and keeps you coasting without the crash.


Kim started her journey at the age of 14, as chronicled in her book “Blessed Life”- now the name of her #1 best selling Signature Coffee.


Throughout that journey, which continues to this day, Kim carries faith with her as her secret weapon to guide her through her purpose. It’s no surprise that “Kim’s Secret Weapon” is her #2 best selling gourmet blend!

Kim and her team carefully studied how to make coffee blends suitable for any mission, big or small, to support you wherever you may go. 

The blended beans of Blessed Life come from Africa and Colombia, sending you off on any desired journey with its pecan praline smell of fresh coffee.

Meanwhile, the denser and specially roasted coffee beans of Kim’s Secret Weapon are packed with faith to give you the boost you need on your journey- leaving you motivated to keep pressing on.


This dark roast blend makes you feel energized before you even take your first sip because of its captivating aroma- offering you clarity and focus to take the next steps in your voyage.

Russel-KimField-blackbag_edited 2.png

Jump right in and get your journey started with these coffee blends!


Gourmet Coffee Roasted To Perfection

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