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Summer Special


Sizzling. Hot. Fun. Breezy.

Summer is What We’ve All

Been Waiting For!


Summer won’t last long though,

so get energized with this Summer Collection while seasonal supplies last!

Summer & Spice Collection

1 Signature Flavored Coffee Blend 


 3 Gourmet Seasoning Rub!

The aromatic Bacon Brew Coffee Blend will keep you caffeinated on leisurely sunny days, so you’ll always feel great and inspired during grilling season!

Bacon Brew is the perfect gourmet blend coffee to wake your palate as you prepare to throw down on the grill. With its hint of maple, it will inspire your inner chef while satisfying your bacon craving without sacrificing your Summer Bod.


Sunscreen isn’t the only thing you’ll rub on this summer!

Each rub offers something special with the Sweet & Savory Rub adding a caramelized finish on seafood, the All-Purpose Rub offering multi-flavored convenience, and Smokey Blend Rub giving you the smokey flavor you’re likely seeking!

Untitled design (5).png
& Spice Collection


Chef Mo took the guesswork out of the perfect combination of flavors so you can grill until the Bacon Brew wears off!

Summer & Spice Collection Includes:

  • Bacon Brew Coffee Blend

  • Sweet & Savory Rub

  • Smokey Blend Rub

  • All-Purpose Rub

Sip on your Bacon Brew while enjoying the savory smells of seasoning Rubs seeping from your barbecue grill.

Give yourself the Flavorful Summer

you deserve. Order Now!

Copy of Copy of Signature Blends - Happy

Gourmet Coffee Roasted To Perfection

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