Strong. Smooth. A force of intellection, creativity, and passion…


The Baldwin Blend embodies its namesake. This Southeast African Dark Roast has a hint of chocolate, to give it a smooth timeless taste. Adding in the smokey, bold, yet sweet Medium Roast vibe from The Holiday Blend. We had to keep the coffee dreams coming with the poetic flavor of another African Medium Roast, infused with Scotch Whiskey sophistication making The Langston Blend, the perfect companion. 


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Harlem Greats

  • Strong. Smooth. A force of intellect, creativity, thought, passionate eloquence… How did we craft a blend inspired by one of the most prolific writers and activists of all time? The Baldwin Blend had to be everything its namesake was, is and ever shall be. And oh, is it. It’s a Dark Roast embodiment of global influences, with a unique finish (a hint of chocolate… perhaps…). This blend will leave its mark on you to empower and inspire from within, while keeping love, a treasured gem, in view.


    Heritage: Southeast Africa 
    Aromatic Vibe: Robust Sweet Earth Wood