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Holiday Collection

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Holiday Collection

‘Tis the season to be decadent, bold, and sexy!  Signature Blends by KF is excited to present a jolly collection of naughty and nice coffees and teas.


This collection of palatable luxury will underscore all of your magical, spellbinding moments, in this season of celebration. 


Introducing The Holiday Collection: A seasonally flavorful mix of mint, chocolate, eggnog, cherry, nuts, and spices- you’ll feel reminiscent of simpler times with your spirits revitalized in time to enjoy loved ones.


Whether you’re spending the holidays virtually, creatively, with distance, or zoom- Holiday responsibly!

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Holiday Collection


  • Comfort & Kim’s Joy

  • Holiday Love

  • The Antidote

This collection includes a perfect balance of indulgent flavors bold enough to keep you energized while you catch up with loved ones, but relaxed enough while you snuggle up in your favorite jammies by the fire.

Get FREE Biscotti with your purchase of this collection! 

Christmas Tablescape

Blended Spirits Collection


  • Bourbon

  • Spiked Coconut Rum

  • Chocolate Irish Cream

Big things come in small packages! Enjoy these selected coffee spirits pulled from our bigger bundle to get rid of your inner Scrooge. No one wants a visit from spirits of the past, present, and future- just the ones named Bourbon, Spiked Coconut Rum, and Chocolate Irish Cream! 

Cigar down.jpg

You know how we love pairing at SBBKF! This holiday season we are thrilled to partner with Rumba Cigars to introduce a sexy and sophisticated treat to you...


Rumba Cigars have the perfect blend of a medium to full-bodied taste, rich aroma reminiscent of the old country, and the flair of the young, hip trendsetters of today. A perfect holiday dance partner for us (so to speak), Rumba Cigars is all about fusing the historical geographical divide of the Afro-Latino community by formulating a refreshing and comprehensive experience with bold flavor and blend. Rumba utilizes the rhythm and dance elements originating in its name as a parallel to the present co-existence of these two historic cultures.


Enjoy this gift to take your Holiday Vibes to the next level.


Signature Spirits Collection


  • Bourbon

  • Spiked Coconut Rum

  • Chocolate Irish Cream

  • Scotch Whiskey

  • Amaretto

  • K’Lula

Go big or go home with this collection for the adults who have responsibility already built-in! Enjoy all the holiday flavored liqueurs that warm your spirits without the buzz and fuzz. And if you do want the buzz, spike responsibly- although Santa may have something to say!  

Let us know if you want your FREE cigar with your purchase of this collection! get free shipping


San(Tea)’s Favorite


  • Peace (Black Tea)

  • Light (Mint Tea)

We’ve got something special for our tea lovers who still enjoy a hot beverage without the caffeine kick of coffee. Enjoy these teas any time of the day whether you’re trying to wind up or wind down like your favorite Rudolph wind-up!


Mix and match holiday favorites like tea, hot chocolate, and

red velvet rum cake to get something every family member can enjoy!

Bow of red satin ribbon. Isolated on whi

"Not sure what to get for family and friends? Give them Santa’s reins with a gift card so they can decide for themselves!"

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Holiday Gift Cards

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Christmas Presents

From Our Family To Yours

Happy Holidays!



Gourmet Coffee Roasted To Perfection

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